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ECH couple enjoying their ECH retirement unit
Enjoy a maintenance free lifestyle

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Retirement Living

ECH has over 1,600 units across 98 independent retirement villages. We have units north and south, near the sea and the hills, and within the leafy eastern suburbs of Adelaide. Villages are in well-serviced and established suburbs around metropolitan Adelaide and in some regional areas, close to transport routes, shopping, recreational and medical complexes.

Some of our villages are large and have their own community facilities, but the majority consist of less than 20 units.

With a range of payment options available, ECH has independent retirement living units to suit all budgets.

New ECH retirement village members enjoy fully refurbished units with state-of-the-art fixtures and new modern interior finishes. Contemporary floor treatments and colour schemes complement showhome-quality kitchens and bathrooms which include fully maintained stainless steel appliances and built-in storage.

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