ECH Home Care Package client George is very happy living independently in his own home, however his family who were unable to visit every day, often found themselves worrying about his wellbeing.

In June 2018, George and his family participated in the trial of Billy – a home-based activity tracking system – and have not looked back since. The Billy system, which complements the personal care and other services that ECH already provides to George, uses motion sensors to build a profile of George’s usual daily routine and the temperature in his home in real-time. 

George’s son Damien highly recommends Billy, which further assists the family in providing the best care possible for their Dad. 

“Our experience with the system has been absolutely fantastic,” Damien says. 

“My brother and I now have peace of mind about Dad’s wellbeing and safety as it allows us to check in on his daily routine through the Billy app,” he says. 

“We can see if Dad has gone out and if he is keeping to his regular routine around the house which gives us a really clear picture that he is safe and well.” 

One of the many benefits of Billy is its ability to create better conversations between the client, their family and ECH. The Billy app enables multiple people to receive notifications when key activities occur, together with a helpful summary of what daily activities have or haven’t occurred and a recommendation if the person may need some attention via an Insights tab. 

“From the app we can see the status of Dad’s daily routine, such as if he is at home or not, the room temperature and also general location of where he is inside the house”, Damien says. “It has really helped us to manage Dad’s care.” 


Combined with the range of At-Home services ECH delivers, Billy provides additional peace of mind to the individual and their family while being very easy to use and discreet. The Billy system doesn’t use cameras or microphones, there is nothing to wear or buttons to press, and there is no device that needs recharging. 

“My brother and I work closely with the ECH team that look after Dad to ensure he is safe, happy, healthy and well cared for,” Damien says. 

“With additional tools such as the Billy system, we feel we are able to make better and more informed decisions about Dad’s wellbeing, which has ultimately added to his quality of life.” 


The Billy technology provides another data source for ECH staff to draw on in care management and planning for the client. 

“Dad is very happy being at home, which is only possible due to the support we receive from ECH, and Billy is a fantastic value add,” Damien says. 

“The Billy app is a fantastic tool that has provided my brother and I with information that we could just never get before and further assist us and ECH to make the best decisions we can for Dad’s care in his own home. 

We would certainly encourage other families to consider Billy for their own needs.” 

Billy is available to both ECH Home Care Package (HCP) and non-HCP clients as well as ECH retirement living residents. 

For further information on Billy, please call 1300 275 324 or contact us here.