Are you aged 65 years or over and wondering what Home Care Packages are all about?

A Home Care Package (HCP) is one of the many ways you can receive the services you need to continue to live independently and confidently in your own home. If you are unsure about how the funding works or what services are available to you, ECH can help you understand the options so you can make informed decisions.

How does the HCP funding work?

There are four levels of HCP funding dependent on your needs. The level you are eligible for is determined by an ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment and the implementation of your package will be dependent on the availability of your assessment package level from an individual provider in your local area.

Your HCP funding can be spent in various areas such as personal care, domestic assistance, clinical services and transport and other services or items that support your goals and service plan but cannot be funded any other way.

What can I expect as a HCP client with ECH?

ECH is committed to supporting you to maintain your independence for as long as possible.

As a HCP client with ECH, you will be partnered with a dedicated Relationship Manager, who will provide advice and guidance about your HCP to enable you to achieve your goals and maintain your independence. This includes identifying what is important to you and what you want to achieve, and then setting up service plans within HCP guidelines.

Your Relationship Manager will work with you to develop a personalised budget based on your goals and the income (package level) you have been given. This includes services you need, such as cleaning, personal care or physiotherapy, how the services will be provided and any other planned expenditure. Budgets can be set for periods from a week to a year and you will receive a monthly statement from ECH regarding your HCP, which shows your available funds, how funds have been spent and the balance of any unspent funds.

A review of your HCP is conducted annually, however if at any stage you find that your service plan or budget is not meeting your needs, you can talk to your Relationship Manager about the options available to you. This may include renegotiating priorities, purchasing additional services outside of your HCP or applying for a higher level HCP.

With your permission and knowledge, ECH may also work with your family, carers or doctors to ensure your needs are being looked after.

What fees are involved?

Generally there is a basic daily fee contribution, which is 17.5 per cent of the single basic aged pension. However personal circumstances can be taken into account. If you are experiencing financial hardship, which is determined by Centrelink, then fees may be waived or reduced. There may also be an income-tested fee applied to the Government contribution if you are a part pensioner or self-funded retiree. This fee is also determined by Centrelink.

As the provider of your HCP, ECH will be the one place where you know you can receive accurate information and advice and ongoing support. You will have the assurance that your Relationship Manager, and other ECH team members, will never make a decision or agree on services from individual agencies or organisations on your behalf. You will always maintain control.

If you are aged 65 years or over and have a HCP or would like to know more about how to access one, call ECH on 1300 275 324.