A safe virtual 2020 AGM

2020 has been an extraordinary year for us all. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact and has required us to adapt to new ways of doing things in order to keep everyone COVID-safe. As a result, we have decided to make some changes to the way we host our Annual General Meetings (AGM) this year.

The safety of our clients, residents and staff are key considerations for the ECH Board and the Executive Team. Accordingly, our 2020 AGM will now be held online (virtually) rather than at a physical location.

What you need to know

Our AGM will be live-streamed in a webinar that you can view on this page on Monday 19 October 2020 at 2pm (ACST). If you would like to submit any questions prior to the AGM, you can do so by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page by 12 October 2020 at the latest.

How to join the webinar? 

To watch the AGM live, you can virtually join us here on Monday 19 October at 2pm. Instructions on how to connect to the AGM webinar will be posted here from 12 October.

Please familiarise yourself with the below in case you have trouble with joining the webinar or with audio or video, please refer to the below instructions.

If you are unable to hear anything being presented during the AGM live stream, check that the audio is enabled for the video by hovering your mouse pointer over the video and if you see at the top of the video the ‘Click to unmute’ icon See example below) then the video is muted. Please click on the icon in the video screen to unmute the video.

HOW TO JOIN THE CHAT TO ASK A QUESTION (Not available on mobile phones or tablets)

On the right-hand side of the video, you will see a section “Join to chat”. Within this section, you will need to enter your Full Name in the Name field.

Once you have entered your full name, please click the box next to I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and then click on the Join button.

HOW TO ASK A QUESTION (Not available on mobile phones or tablets)
Please ensure you have joined the chat to activate this option (as per above instructions). Within the white box to the left of the up-arrow button  is where you can input your question. Once you have typed out your question and want to submit it, click on the up arrow to submit your question. If you wish to submit your questions anonymously, click the toggle button left of Ask anonymously.

Once you have joined the live event and the video is playing but looks blurry, pixilated or distorted, you will need to adjust the resolution of the video.

You can do this by hovering your mouse pointer over the video it will show you the Settings/Quality option icon , click on the cartwheel icon and for the best resolution and video quality for viewing the live event, we recommend either choosing the 720p or 1080p option. Once selected, please allow some time for the video to re-adjust the quality.

Please be aware that the higher quality/resolution chosen will consume more internet data – consult your internet service provider if you are concerned regarding usage and what your provided internet package data allowance is.

Data Consumption Averages Per Hour:

Set ResolutionData Consumed
540p0.7GB (700MB)
720p0.9GB (900MB)
1080p1.5GB (1500MB)


What if I can’t join the webinar?

If you can’t virtually join us for the AGM on 19 October, a video will be posted here after the AGM has taken place. The video will be made available for you to watch below from Tuesday 20 October until Sunday 25 October 4.30pm.


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