September 15, 2021

Move Your Way During Active Ageing Week

Active Ageing Australia is proud to present Active Ageing Week 2021, to be held from Monday 4 October – Sunday 10 October. Active Ageing Australia’s national ‘Move Your Way’ campaign challenges society’s expectations of ageing by highlighting that regardless of age, people can live life as fully as possible by staying active. Active ageing includes staying both physically and mentally active, as well as staying socially connected with your community. Laura Perdue, Chair of Active Ageing Australia, says evidence shows that the loss of function and muscle mass associated with ageing can be slowed with regular physical activity – including strength, balance and flexibility training. However according to COTA’s State of the Older Nation 2021 Report, 54 per cent of Australians aged 60 and over do not do the recommended minimum two hours of moderate or vigorous physical activity per week. This cohort has significantly grown since 2018. ‘By increasing moderate physical activity by just 15 minutes, five times a week, older people aged 65 and over who are ‘at risk’ of disease can improve their overall health and wellbeing while reducing future disease by 19 per cent,’ said Ms Perdue. Although people are often challenged by major life events including illness, surgery, loss of social connections and now the COVID-19 pandemic, Active Ageing Australia is hopeful that this campaign will inspire them to find new ways to get outdoors and be active. “While major life events may be seen by some people as obstacles, they also provide…