New Data Sharing Arrangements with Mint Social

What is happening?

ECH has entered into a partnership with Mint Social, a private social networking site centred around an ECH client and their circle  of family, friends and ECH staff involved in delivering their care.


Why is this happening?

ECH is committed to providing our clients with the best possible care and services. Mint Social is a state-of-art offering to ECH clients and will have a considerable benefit to all who use the product.


What information is being shared?

ECH will only share the minimum amount of personal information required to positively identify a person as an ECH client.  This information is limited to:

  • Client’s name
  • Name of Client’s power-of-attorney or primary contact
  • Power-of-attorney or primary contact’s phone number and e-mail address


When will the information sharing start?

ECH will start sharing information with Mint on 14 May 2020.


What does this mean for me?

As Mint Social is being rolled out to all Home Care Package (HCP) Clients , ECH will share the three pieces of information as outlined above for every HCP client to Mint. Mint will then use this information to onboard each ECH HCP client and create their Mint Social page. The power-of-attorney or primary contact s will then be used to add a Primary Connected person to the page.

If you would like to check that your details are up to date with ECH, please contact our friendly team on 1300 275 324.


What if I don’t want my information to be shared?

We understand that not everyone is comfortable about having their personal information shared.  If you feel this way and do not want your information shared with Mint Social , please contact us on 1300 275 324. Your personal information be shared with Mint on the 14 May 2020 unless you Opt-out before this date. If you choose to to Opt-out after this date your account will be cancelled by Mint. Your decision on whether or not you wish to have your information shared does not affect your care and services in any way.