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Sometimes, due to illness, injury or the natural process of ageing, daily tasks and activities become more challenging. Perhaps you find you are unable to stand from a sitting position as easily as you used to. Maybe opening food jars or getting dressed are no longer the simple tasks they once were.

These challenges don’t necessarily mean you have to give up your independence. ECH has occupational therapists that can work with you in making adjustments to your life so that you can remain as active and confident in your own home for as long as possible.

Why choose an Occupational Therapist? 

Occupational therapists are highly skilled professionals who have a focus on preventative health and a commitment to enabling you to live the best life possible as you age.

What to expect in your initial consultation

During your initial consultation in your home or at one of ECH’s Wellness Centres located at Henley Beach, Morphett Vale, Victor Harbor and Greenacres, your occupational therapist will seek to understand your concerns, goals and physical abilities. Your occupational therapist will then work with you to create a strategy to work towards your goals. This strategy will have you feeling more confident about your abilities and more secure in your environment.

Following your in home assessment, your occupational therapist may recommend simple adjustments to your home.  These may include rearranging furniture to minimise the risk of bumps, bruises and falling, installing a grab rail in your bathroom to provide an added sense of security to your daily routine, or installing a ramp to make it easier for you to access your home. You could also be taught exercises and skills to make daily tasks like dressing yourself simpler, or be introduced to occupational therapy equipment or assistive technology that can make everyday tasks, such as opening jars or meal preparation, easier. Your occupational therapist might also assist you to modify your approach to activities that are meaningful to you, so that you can continue to enjoy them with confidence.

Your ECH occupational therapist understands the importance of an integrated approach to health and wellbeing and will work with your GP and any of your other health practitioners so you can achieve your health goals.

About our Wellness Centres

No matter your age, ECH Wellness Centre services are available to you on a competitive fee for service basis. If you have private health insurance you may be able to seek rebates from your provider, or if you are aged 65 years or over, you may qualify for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), or if you have a Home Care Package (HCP), you may be able to use some of this funding to access ECH’s occupational therapy services and/or other Wellness Services.

If you have a chronic medical condition, speak to your GP about how you might be able to access ECH occupational therapy services under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).You do not need a referral from your doctor to access the services of an ECH occupational therapist.

Contact us today to book a consultation today or to learn more about ECH’s occupational therapy and/or other Wellness Services. 

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