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How Lorraine McInerney Became 'Addicted' To Flexible Fitness At Our Henley Beach Wellness Centre

Lorraine McInerney is considered an “honorary staff member” at ECH Wellness Centre Henley Beach. Not surprising, given that the 77-year-old attends up to eight exercise Lorraine Henley Beachclasses a week.

“I guess I am part of the furniture. I have been coming here at least three times a week for the last five years.”

Lorraine was encouraged to contact ECH by her GP who felt she needed to find ways to be more active.

“He organised a health assessment for me and I started with a light exercise program. I loved it from the very first class. The staff were so nice and the atmosphere was so welcoming.

“Over time my fitness improved so much that I just kept adding another class and then another. I don’t really think about how many classes I am doing, I think more about how good I feel and how much energy I have after every class. It is quite addictive.”

Value for money

Since ECH introduced its Flexible Fitness™ offer of unlimited classes and open gym sessions for just $14.95* per week, Lorraine is now a daily participant of exercise classes.

“Three days a week I do a morning class and an afternoon class and the rest of the week I just come in the morning.”  

Lorraine packs in Circuit, Chi Balance, Strength for Life, Boxercise and the open gym classes into her weekly regime. She says the Flexible Fitness™ program has taken her costs down to around $1.80 a class.

“For me, ECH Flexible Fitness™ is excellent value for money and it adds to the overall motivation for me to keep active, get moving every day and maintain my social life.

Part of a community

"I have made some wonderful friends through ECH because we often have a coffee and a chat after a class and we notice if someone misses a few classes. When you live alone, it is so reassuring to have people who notice when you are not around and who look out for you. It gives you a feeling of being part of a community.”

Along with her numerous exercise classes and after-class coffees, Lorraine uses other ECH Wellness services to complement her exercise routine.    

“I also use the podiatry and physio services and I have gone to the dietician and tried a massage, so the ECH Wellness Centre Henley Beach really offers lots of options for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and wellbeing.”

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How Flexible Fitness Helps Bruce Travel

For one ECH Wellness Centre devotee, the true worth of his regular attendances to fitness classes became clear following a recent sojourn overseas.Bruce Victor Harbor

Bruce Lyle started taking fitness classes at ECH Wellness Victor Harbor a year ago, after seeing a flyer advertising the opportunity to keep himself fit and active.

“I had a pretty good level of fitness because I had farms at Yankalilla and at Willow Creek and they kept me physically moving before I retired to Victor Harbor. I wanted to stay active and not let my health fall away so I decided to give the classes a go.

Exercises Strengthen My Core

“I started with the Strength for Life class as it used weights for resistance training which I enjoyed. I recently added Core Strength classes to my routine because I have had a few back problems and my physio had given me exercises to strengthen my core. I thought this would fit in well as it focused on stretching and muscle work. When I was ready for something more aerobic, I took up Boxercise. The ECH staff make us do lots of squats which is challenging but also fun.”

The seventy-year-old continued taking three fitness classes a week while also learning Spanish, in preparation for a planned three-month trip through South America. Bruce’s excellent level of health and fitness allowed him to easily walk his suitcase up flights of stairs and through airports. He also spent lots of time on his feet touring around Chile, Santiago and other exotic locations, yet he did notice a change towards the end of his journey.

“I did stay active during those 12 weeks by walking a lot but I still felt my fitness and energy levels dropped quite a bit after a while.”

Bruce noticed his energy returned once he started back at ECH Wellness  again. “It showed me how much of a difference it makes to be exercising regularly.”

A Great Motivator

The new ECH Flexible Fitness™ offer has been a big incentive for Bruce to take on extra fitness training since he returned from his trip, as he can participate in as many exercise classes or open gym sessions as he likes for just $14.95* per week.

“ECH Flexible Fitness™ makes it very cost effective for me and it definitely motivates me to do extra classes. It’s up to me how hard I work and the fitness staff encourage me to work hard and push myself.”

Bruce likes the variety of classes and the extensive timetable schedule  offers several sessions throughout the day.

“I want to remain fit and active for as long as I can. The ECH fitness classes are a big part of me achieving that.”

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Kathleen's Fitness Goals

Kathleen Ariffin has a goal to be as fit and as healthy as her dear  Mum was.

“My dream is to maintain a high level of fitness just like her. She was very fit and was still walking and quite active into her nineties.Kathleen Morphett Vale

“My Mum is my inspiration to focus on good fitness and being active.”

The 73-year-old former registered nurse has been attending exercise classes at ECH  Wellness Centre Morphett Vale for more than two years and prefers it to a conventional gym or fitness centre because she feels more comfortable and secure, “There is a high level of supervision at all times.”

My Doctor is Happy!

As well as improved fitness, Kathleen’s blood pressure has dropped since she started the exercise classes.“My doctor has noticed my blood pressure has lowered since doing the classes at ECH Wellness so he is happy.”

Kathleen has taken up the ECH Flexible Fitness™ offer and attends morning classes three to four times a week. The classes she takes include Circuit, Core Strength, Tai Chi and Boxercise. Her favourite day is when she does Tai Chi and then Boxercise straight after.

“Tai Chi is relaxing and balancing and Boxercise is so much fun, so I love that combination of both classes on the same day. I really look forward to those double session days.”

Kathleen likes  ECH Flexible Fitness™ offer because for $14.95* a week she can enjoy as many classes as she wishes which makes it extremely cost effective for her to do the extra classes in one day.

Improving My Fitness

“Maintaining my health and improving my current level of fitness is so important to me. I like the variety of classes available and the timetable has the flexibility to help me reach my fitness goals. I would recommend ECH Flexible Fitness™ and the ECH Wellness Centre Morphett Vale to anyone wanting to achieve good health in a friendly environment with very professional staff.”

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It’s ECH Flexible Fitness Fever for Bronwyn now

Bronwyn Watts, 61 years, was first introduced to ECH following a three week stint in hospital suffering a serious bout of Glandular Fever.

“It affected my liver and I couldn’t walk properly when I got out of hospital. My energy levels were really low and the physio who was helping get me back walking again Bronwyn Greenacresrecommended ECH exercise classes to me.”

Bronwyn contacted ECH Wellness Greenacres and was impressed by the support she received from the start. “When you have been in the hospital system for a little while, you get used to things happening slowly and having to wait several weeks for an appointment but from the moment I contacted ECH, things moved quickly.

“An appointment was arranged, they did a physical assessment to see what sort of strength I had to start with and then a recovery plan was put in place.

“All the staff were so caring and encouraging, they gave me the confidence that I was going to be able to get my energy and strength back.”

Immediate Improvements

Bronwyn says she noticed an immediate improvement in her health, as soon as she started the exercise classes.

“I started doing some slow stretching classes to build up my muscles and strength for walking and I added Chi Ball to my program which helped with my balance and energy levels.

“The care and individual support I received from ECH was just amazing. The staff talked to each other about my progress, so they knew what I could and couldn’t do.

”The staff would keep encouraging me to push myself but they monitored me so that I didn’t overdo it.”

Full Health

Now back to full health, Bronwyn is taking advantage of the new ECH Flexible Fitness™, exercising five times a week.  

Bronwyn, who often does two classes back-to-back, says ECH Flexible Fitness™ is the best option for her too. 

“It is such great value because it is only $14.95* a week no matter how many times I go. Doing as many classes as I do, it works out at just $3 a class. I feel fantastic these days but it is so reassuring to know that if something happens to my health again, I will be looked after by caring, knowledgeable staff at ECH who all know me and who are all located in the one place.”

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Retirement Village Homes

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Dorothy, Retirement Village Resident


"It felt right from the start...You really couldn’t find a more convenient place." 
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