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How Lorraine McInerney Became 'Addicted' To Flexible Fitness At Our Henley Beach Wellness Centre

Lorraine McInerney is considered an “honorary staff member” at ECH Wellness Centre Henley Beach. Not surprising, given that the 77-year-old attends up to eight exercise Lorraine Henley Beachclasses a week.

“I guess I am part of the furniture. I have been coming here at least three times a week for the last five years.”

Lorraine was encouraged to contact ECH by her GP who felt she needed to find ways to be more active.

“He organised a health assessment for me and I started with a light exercise program. I loved it from the very first class. The staff were so nice and the atmosphere was so welcoming.

“Over time my fitness improved so much that I just kept adding another class and then another. I don’t really think about how many classes I am doing, I think more about how good I feel and how much energy I have after every class. It is quite addictive.”

Value for money

Since ECH introduced its Flexible Fitness™ offer of unlimited classes and open gym sessions for just $19.95* per week, Lorraine is now a daily participant of exercise classes.

“Three days a week I do a morning class and an afternoon class and the rest of the week I just come in the morning.”  

Lorraine packs in Circuit, Chi Balance, Strength for Life, Boxercise and the open gym classes into her weekly regime. She says the Flexible Fitness™ program has taken her costs down to around $1.80 a class.

“For me, ECH Flexible Fitness™ is excellent value for money and it adds to the overall motivation for me to keep active, get moving every day and maintain my social life.

Part of a community

"I have made some wonderful friends through ECH because we often have a coffee and a chat after a class and we notice if someone misses a few classes. When you live alone, it is so reassuring to have people who notice when you are not around and who look out for you. It gives you a feeling of being part of a community.”

Along with her numerous exercise classes and after-class coffees, Lorraine uses other ECH Wellness services to complement her exercise routine.    

“I also use the podiatry and physio services and I have gone to the dietician and tried a massage, so the ECH Wellness Centre Henley Beach really offers lots of options for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and wellbeing.”

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