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Update from 7 November 2022

At ECH we are continuing to follow the current COVID-19 guidelines as advised by SA Health. This now means that face masks are no longer mandatory.

In instances where ECH services are being delivered in your home you can request ECH staff to wear a mask if that is your preference.

At ECH sites where we cannot safely maintain a 1.5 metre distance, you can also request for ECH staff to wear a mask if that is your preference.

As always, the health and safety of our clients, staff and residents remains our top priority so we would kindly ask that if you are feeling unwell then please stay home or let an ECH staff member know.

If you have any questions please speak to a member of staff or call our friendly team on 1300 275 324.

Watch our short videos below to see what precautions we have put in place to deal with COVID-19 as well as find out how we’ve been supporting our clients and residents during this time.


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What ECH Is Doing

We are working with staff at all levels of our organisation to ensure they are fully aware of all the preventative measures and have access to the latest information and updates. We also have excellent hygiene practices in place.

ECH Clients

If you are concerned that you may have come into contact with COVID-19, or indeed have become infected, please contact your GP as normal.  If it is confirmed that you have tested positive to COVID-19, please contact ECH on 1300 275 324 and we will discuss your service requirements.