Mint Social FAQ – Connected Person


What is Mint Social?

Mint Social is a digital communication tool for Aged Care and Disability providers. The idea behind Mint Social is to enhance the connection between ECH Clients and their network of family and friends (their ‘Connected People’) through sharing photos, videos and other content relating to their care.


What is a Connected Person?

Typically this is a Client’s family and friends. It can be anyone who has an interest in the wellbeing of the Client and who the Client is comfortable with having access to their private Network.


What is a Primary Connected Person?

The Primary Connected Person is delegated by the Client and/or the Client’s Primary Carer to administer the Client’s Mint Network on their behalf. Typically this is the Client’s Power of Attorney, or similar. The Primary Connected Person will invite other Connected People to the network. This is vital to ensure that all Connected People can stay connected with a client. If the Primary Connected Person needs assistance to do this they can contact ECH or Mint directly.


How does Mint Social work?

Each ECH Client has a Private Network within Mint Social. ECH staff will post photos, videos or statuses to the Client’s private Network at the consent of the Client. The Client’s Connected People can view all of the content via a mobile device or desktop computer.


Is Mint Social easy to use?

Mint Social is similar to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well as other Childcare apps such as Storypark. If users have experience of these other apps then it will be fairly similar to navigate.
Mint Social has been designed to be easy to use and allows for the uploading of videos and photos as well as general posts. Commenting on posts should also be easy to navigate. If you have any questions regarding using the app the friendly team at Ech will be happy to help.


What do I need to do as a Primary Connected Person?

Your role as a Primary Connected Person is to enjoy the Mint Social like all other connected people. To ensure that all these connected people have access to the Client’s network you will need to invite all interested family and friends to join Mint Social and add them into the network.


What is the role of ECH in Mint Social?

ECH will create a Client’s network, will invite the Primary Connected Person and will ensure that all relevant ECH staff are a part of the Client’s network. ECH will regularly post in the Client’s network to ensure connected people stay up to date on how the Client is doing.

Can Connected People respond to a post?

A Client and their Connected People can respond to posts, or post their own photos and messages and share within the private network. As per the Terms of Use if there are concerns with service provision or care needs, Members and Connected People must contact ECH via phone, please call 1300 275 324. Concerns or service requests will not be monitored or responded to by ECH staff through the Mint Social app. The Mint Social app is for the purposes of Clients communicating with their Connected People. ECH staff can only post to a Client’s network on behalf of a Client to help them and their Connected People stay connected.


Is there a limit to how many Connected People can be a part of a Client’s Network?



Are there any risks using Mint Social?

Essentially there is one low risk whereby a user becomes abusive or posts negative content. This can occur on any social media platform. This is mitigated by the Primary Connected Person having permission to add and delete users to a Client’s network and also being able to delete any inappropriate content. ECH is also able to delete users and delete any inappropriate content if notified.


Where is the data stored and who has access?

Mint Social is located on servers in Australia. No data is stored or moved overseas complying with the relevant Privacy Legislation.


Who has access to my posts and information in Mint Social?

Only ECH Clients, their Connected People and relevant ECH staff can see information on Mint Social.


Can I download photos and videos posted on Mint Social?

You may download photos or videos on Mint Social by either right-clicking on the photo and selecting ‘save picture/video as’ (on desktop) or if on a mobile, hold the picture and selecting ‘save picture/video’.