Stay Living Independently With Billy and ECH

Living alone doesn’t mean going it alone.

Perhaps you’ve always lived independently. Or maybe a change in circumstances now sees you living alone for the first time in a long time. Sometimes though, knowing that there is some extra support in place can provide a great deal of comfort and confidence to you, and your family or friends that you can remain living alone safely. The short video below explains how Billy provides that extra peace of mind for you and your family.


Meet Billy

Billy is a new technology that uses motion sensors, placed discreetly within your home, to build a profile of your everyday routine. Billy can then pick up when changes to your routine behaviour occur and share this via the Billy app with anyone that has been granted access by you.

Billy is not an emergency response system. It will not replace any emergency alert systems that you currently use.

Routine Tab

If your usual routine is to open the fridge door between 7am and 8am each morning to get your breakfast, this will be shown in green with a tick to indicate that this activity occurred as per usual.

However, if you don’t pick up your medication box as per usual for your morning medication between 8am and 9am, this will be shown in the routine tab in red with a cross to indicate that this activity did not occur as expected.


Billy sensors record the temperature in the room they are located in, so you can see at a glance if temperatures are too high or too low.

Insights Tab

The Billy app also features an Insight Tab. This provides a helpful summary of what activities you have undertaken per usual, and highlights any areas that may need some attention.

As an ECH Home Care Package client, your Care Coordinator can use this data as an important source of information in the planning of your care and services from ECH.

Extra peace of mind for the whole family

If you have provided your family or friends with access to the app, they can see this Insights Tab and, at a glance, get a sense of how you are.

This visibility can provide a great deal of comfort for family or friends, especially for those who aren’t able to visit you as often as they would like.

Billy For ECH Home Care Package Clients

If you are an ECH Home Care Package client, you will receive the Billy Hardware and Batteries (central hub & sensors) for FREE. Ongoing access to the Billy app will then be charged on a monthly basis at the price of just $40 per month.

ECH HCP Clients Prices
Billy Hardware and Batteries (central hub & sensors)FREE
Monthly Access$40 per month

Not an ECH Home Care Package Client?

If you use other ECH services or are a retirement living resident, you can purchase Billy directly from

Purchase Billy Hardware (central hub and sensors) for $10 per month OR $199 upfront purchase. Ongoing monthly access (after initial 2 months free) will be charged at $39.99 per month.

Your Billy hardware kit will be sent directly to you for installation.

Visit for more information.

*Prices effective from 1 Sep 2021 and subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.

Non-HCP Clients Prices
Billy Hardware (central hub and sensors)$10 per month OR $199 upfront purchase
Monthly Access (after initial 2 months free)$39.99 per month