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Having a good level of health and wellbeing as you age is the foundation for living a life that you enjoy and one where you remain in control and living independently. ECH Wellness Centres provide a welcoming environment and a team of specialists who can tailor a program that will enable you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Exercise Class Timetables
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Available at the ECH Wellness Centres located at Henley Beach, Greenacres, Morphett Vale and Victor Harbor.


Maintaining good balance is key to a healthy and active lifestyle especially as you age. Maximise your mobility through low impact fitness, strength and flexibility training during an introductory eight-week program. Classes are conducted by a qualified allied health professional in a small and friendly group environment.


Improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase your strength and agility while having fun with boxercise. Led by a trained fitness instructor, boxercise offers physical activity with alternating periods of high and low intensity exercise. It can also assist with stress relief and weight loss.

Chi Ball

Challenge your mind and increase movement in this low impact class, which incorporates colour, music and flowing movement. Based on the principles of Tai Chi-Chi Gong, Chi Ball Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Chi Ball release and deep relaxation, this class enhances wellbeing of the mind and body.


Build overall fitness levels while having fun in a circuit training class. Moving between exercise stations, this class will keep your fitness and interest levels high. Facilitated by an accredited Exercise Physiologist and Fitness Instructor, this class is held in a fully equipped on-site gym.


Build strength and aerobic fitness levels through a personalised, moderately paced program designed to address specific chronic health conditions. Facilitated by a qualified Exercise Physiologist using professional gym equipment, this class is ideal for people recovering from health conditions such as stroke, cardiac disease or joint replacement.

Core Strength

Improve and maintain healthy postural alignment, spinal strength, mobility and stability in this Pilates-style class. Facilitated by a professional Physiotherapist, this floor-based class promotes core muscle strength to enhance everyday living and an active lifestyle.

Diabetes Better Living

Learn to manage your diabetes more effectively by receiving up-to-date and relevant information and education presented by a qualified dietician. Meet and chat with others who are also living with diabetes. With a focus on nutrition, diet and exercise, this class will give you the tools to manage your condition successfully.

ECH Choir

Singing in a choir has been shown to improve quality of life, wellbeing, self-esteem, voice and respiration. The ECH Choir is an opportunity for you to have fun, share your love of music and challenge your memory. Facilitated by a registered Music Therapist, the choir also involves exercises to maintain and improve vocal and respiratory strength, which is particularly beneficial for people with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke and aphasia. No previous music experience is needed.

Music Meditation

Taking time to relax and unwind is important to minimise stress and re-energise the body and mind. This class will guide you through a music-assisted relaxation program and help you develop skills and knowledge to incorporate relaxation strategies into your own routine. Facilitated by a registered Music Therapist, this class has been designed to assist people with a history of anxiety, depression or sleep difficulties.

Neurological Rehabilitation

If you are living with a neurological condition, this rehabilitation class can assist you to regain and maintain your independence. Facilitated by a qualified allied health professional, this class focuses on strengthening, stretching and balance exercises as well as improving walking abilities to help you regain and maintain independence. This class is ideal for people living with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease or those who are recovering from a stroke.

Open Gym

At ECH open gyms, you can exercise at your own pace whenever it suits you. Gym facilities are available for individual use and enable you to undertake a personalised exercise program to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Strength For Life

Strength training is important for you to maintain a mobile and healthy lifestyle. Designed to meet the needs of people aged 50 years and over, the Strength for Life program promotes health and wellbeing through exercises where resistance is gradually increased. This class is supervised by an accredited COTA SA fitness professional and a COTA assessment is needed before starting the program.

Strong & Stable

Build strength, fitness and balance in this moderately paced, group-based exercise program. This class offers enjoyable physical exercise that will assist with overall balance, including being able to stand from a sitting position. The program also promotes increased leg and arm strength.

Tai Chi

Learn and practice relaxing exercises incorporating flowing movements in a welcoming group environment. Tai Chi combines breathing, posture, movement and meditation to promote a sense of wellbeing, while also improving co-ordination and balance.

Talk Back

If you are experiencing difficulties communicating, perhaps following a stroke, this class can assist you to regain the ability to communicate verbally. Talk back provides you with the opportunity to practice and develop conversation skills, build confidence and meet and socialise with other participants in a small, supportive group environment. Talk back is facilitated by a qualified Speech Pathologist.

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Exercise classes are available at ECH Wellness Centres located at Henley Beach, Greenacres, Morphett Vale and Victor Harbor.

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