Peace of mind for carers

Carers can feel confident that the person living with dementia receives high-quality care, tailored to their needs and likes. The Care Hotel provides that extra peace of mind while carers take a break.

Guests at the Care Hotel can feel safe in the comfort of a hotel-like environment, including room service and state of the art technology; and with access to social activities.

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Home away from home

Located at ECH College Grove in Walkerville, the Care Hotel is designed to support guests living with dementia and to provide much needed respite for carers in a comfortable home away from home setting.

Social Day Program

The ECH Care Hotel also offers an exceptional Social Day Program respite service. Guests of the Care Hotel are welcome to join and participate in daily social activities. Click here to find out more about ECH Social Day programs.

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Access to other ECH services

Guests can also access a range of other services and ECH health professionals on site, should they require these. This includes access to general practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and dieticians.

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