Difficulties speaking, understanding language or swallowing can be a major barrier to day to day life. ECH Speech Pathologists help people facing these problems so whether its ordering a coffee at your favourite café, reading the TV guide or eating with dignity, whatever your goals – we can help.

How can an ECH Speech Pathologist help?

Working with a qualified ECH Speech Pathologist may help you to improve your communication if you are experiencing difficulty talking, understanding speech, speaking or swallowing. This could be because of a medical condition such as a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, other neurological condition or dementia.

Each client’s needs are different, so during your initial consultation our Speech Pathologist will conduct an assessment and then work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan to help achieve your goals.

Your goals could include several things to improve your communication and your everyday quality of life such as being able to:

  • talk on the phone to family or friends
  • independently order a coffee or meal when out
  • communicate basic needs, such as hunger or pain
  • understand greeting cards, written notes, TV programs, newspapers or novels
  • understand and use money to purchase something at the shop or to pay a bill
  • understand the time

Goals around swallowing may include:

  • Maintaining safe swallowing
  • Reducing risk of aspiration or choking
  • Being able to eat and drink independently and safely

Each care plan is personal, so your goals may be different to the ones shown here, these are a guide to show how speech pathology can benefit your everyday activities and interactions.

Helping Graham improve his speech after a stroke

After a stroke in 2015 left Graham with Aphasia resulting in speech difficulties, he decided to start attending a Talkback Group facilitated by an ECH Speech Pathologist.

A social group dedicated to helping clients find their voice, Graham and his peers discuss hot topics and get to know each other.

Since attending the Talkback Group Graham has found his speech has dramatically improved which has enabled him to remain independent – something he greatly values as in 2019 Graham achieved a massive milestone when he travelled to Cairns by himself for a six-day adventure holiday.

Service locations and fees

ECH Speech Pathologists appointments are available in ECH Wellness Centres at College Grove, Henley Beach and Morphett Vale or they can visit you in your home.

No matter your age, ECH Wellness Centre services are available to you on a self-funded basis. If you have private health insurance you may be able to seek rebates from your provider.

If you are aged 65 years or over, you may qualify for a Home Care Package (HCP) and you may be able to use some of this funding to access ECH Wellness services, including speech pathology.

If you have a chronic health condition, speak to your GP about how you might be able to access ECH speech pathology services under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

To learn more about ECH speech pathology services or to book a consultation, call us on 1300 275 324.