Getting out and about to socialise with friends and family members or participate in activities you enjoy is important in leading an independent lifestyle where you remain confident and in control.

If you are no longer able to drive or choose not to and public transport is not convenient, ECH can assist you in arranging transport so that you keep mobile and socially connected.

ECH can arrange for a team member to escort you to appointments and social events or take you shopping. Or if you prefer, ECH can arrange a taxi for you or taxi vouchers that you can use whenever you wish.

No matter your age, you can access ECH transport on a self-funded basis. However, if you are aged 65 years and over, you may qualify for a Home Care Package (HCP) or Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Contact ECH today to learn more about transport and other services that can assist you to remain living independently and confidently in your own home.

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