ECH College Grove at Walkerville is designed to provide holistic care services in a community-based setting. ECH College Grove offers older South Australians a range of health and wellbeing services.

College Grove also hosts the ECH Care Hotel, which is purpose-designed to provide short stay accommodation for those that would like treatment outside of a traditional hospital setting. The Care Hotel also offers carer respite options.

ECH College Grove has been designed with community at the heart, providing a unique and innovative space to connect and enjoy intergenerational social and wellness services.

Health and Wellness

ECH College Grove offers a warm and welcoming environment and a team of friendly specialists who can tailor a program to support you to achieve your wellbeing and lifestyle goals. Health and wellness services that are available include:


Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Therapy are two of the many exercise and treatment options now available at the new ECH College Grove Wellness Centre in Walkerville.

A unique form of exercise or water therapy, Hydrotherapy can be used as a form of rehabilitation to aid joint range of motion, strengthen muscles, as well as ease aches and pains (acute or chronic).

Aqua Aerobics classes are a great way to stay fit and exercise without risking injury and can assist with rehabilitation, without putting unnecessary stress on your joints.

This style of therapy allows a range of movements that people may not be able to do outside of the pool, which can help to increase strength and range of motion.

Trained professionals will guide you through a variety of exercises tailored to meet your needs. Some of the benefits of Aqua Aerobics include:

  • Reduced stress on joints
  • Builds endurance
  • Increased flexibility and
  • Increased muscle strength

Aqua Therapy is a therapeutic whole-of-body treatment that involves moving and exercising in water with the guidance of a trained Physiotherapist.

Aquatic Physiotherapy is used to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Spinal cord injuries

Clients who have experienced burns, spasticity, stroke, or paralysis may also experience positive results from Aqua Therapy.

To register your interest in Hydrotherapy, please contact 1300 275 324.


People aged 65 years and older are currently able to access specialist care from private-practice Geriatricians at ECH College Grove in Walkerville. Geriatricians may help to manage:

  • Dementia and other cognitive impairments
  • Concerns with mobility and frailty
  • Incontinence
  • Nutrition
  • Medications
  • Other medical concerns

Referrals from a General Practitioner are essential to make an appointment.

If you have a referral and would like to make an appointment with a Geriatrician, please call 1300 275 324 to speak to one of our friendly team members.

The ECH Care Hotel

The ECH Care Hotel offers short stay accommodation and a an exceptional Day Program respite service.