Every season there is something special to see at the Adelaide Botanic Garden – your very own natural wonderland in the heart of the city.

In summer, the lush green surrounds, shady lawns, colourful blooms and botanic scents provide a cool haven on a hot day.

There are 50 hectares of pristine plants to enjoy, here are some must see summer delights:


Nelumbo Lotus

The Nelumbo Pond springs to life with its sacred lotus flowers (Nelumbo nucifera) stopping crowds in their tracks.

In beautiful shades of pink, these flowers are sacred to Hindus and Buddhists, and are seen as an example of divine beauty.

Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they are also used for medicine in some cultures, and their leaves, stalks and flowers can be eaten as vegetables.

They will be in bloom until the end of February.


The Dahlia Garden hits its peak in February, when these decorative flowers are in full bloom.

These much-loved perennials originally came from Central and South America where the Dahlia imperialis species was an important food and medicinal crop to the Aztec people. Today, Dahlias are grown for their decorative flowers. Over the past three centuries hybridisation (combining different varieties) has given rise to a range of fascinating flower types.

They will bloom until late March so there is plenty of time to visit.


The International Rose Garden won a Garden of Global Excellence award in 2022 and takes visitors on a heady journey that is a delight to the senses.

Flowering from spring to autumn, the garden displays thousands of fragrant and colourful roses with more than 350 rose cultivars, including areas devoted to Australian-bred roses, single roses, heritage roses and pillar roses.

Top tip: Roses are at their most fragrant in the morning on a sunny day.


Marvel at the natural beauty of our planet as you explore exceptional photographs in this lush setting. In a world-first, photographs from some of the world’s best wildlife photographers will be displayed amongst a living botanical collection: the rainforest environment of the Bicentennial Conservatory. Don’t miss this incredible array of powerful images on your next visit to Adelaide Botanic Garden.

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Posted: December 12, 2023