Keeping track of your medications can be challenging especially if you are taking multiple medications.

Appropriate medication management is central to your ongoing health and wellbeing not to mention your ability to remain living confidently and independently in your own home.

How does ECH cater for your needs?

ECH can provide qualified staff to assess your medication needs, develop plans to help you administer your medication or assist you in taking your medications. If you would rather self-administer your medication, there are services and assistive technology that can make your medication management easier such as automatic dispensers and electronic reminders.

ECH is available to support you to continue your medications at home by regularly reviewing your situation. Together with your GP, pharmacist and your other health professionals, ECH can work with you to keep track of your medication routine and identify where any adjustments can be made to further support your wellbeing.

The administration and management of your medication is a serious responsibility and only registered nurses, enrolled nurses or a medication competent employee may undertake the role of medication management.

No matter your age or medical circumstances, medication management services are available to you on a self-funded basis. If you are aged 65 years and over, you may qualify for a Home Care Package (HCP).

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