If you have had an accident, illness or are looking to return home after a stay in hospital, the support of a qualified and experienced nurse can make all the difference to your recovery.

Using a nursing service in your home can also help you manage chronic health conditions and may prevent you from needing to be admitted to hospital or moving into a residential care home.

All ECH nursing staff are qualified and experienced, with a compassionate and responsive approach to meeting your needs as an individual. They can support you to remain living confidently in your own home by providing the following services:

  • Wound management and care
  • Continence assessment and advice
  • Nutrition assessment and education
  • Pain assessment and support
  • General health assessments
  • Medication management
  • Diabetes assessment and support, including blood glucose testing
  • Dementia assessment and support to both the person living with dementia and their carer/s
  • Medical tests, including blood pressure, urinalysis, INR testing (a blood test that checks how long it takes for blood to clot) and oxygen levels testing
  • Assessment of and education on stomas
  • Mental health support
  • Chronic disease support
  • Palliative care

It is important that you feel confident about the people that you allow into your home and you can be sure that your ECH nurse will make your safety, security and comfort their priority.

No matter your age or medical circumstances, ECH nursing  services are available to you in your own home on a self-funded basis.  If you are aged 65 years and over, you may qualify for a Home Care Package (HCP) or Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Contact ECH today to discover more about nursing services available in your own home.

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