ECH is passionate about supporting older Australians to live the best possible life as they age. We are committed to supporting people living with Dementia as well as their families and support networks. Our services, sites and staff training all follow a Dementia-friendly approach.

Dementia Diagnosis

Receiving a Dementia diagnosis can be confronting and overwhelming for both the individual involved and their families. In addition, dealing with the changes in behaviour caused by Dementia can also be challenging.

While there is a lot of information available about Dementia, it can be hard to know what is relevant and where to start.

ECH can provide information to people living with Dementia as well as to their families and support networks that can help during the early stages of diagnosis.

Care of People with Dementia in their Environment (COPE)

The COPE program aims to focus on the strengths of the person living with Dementia and support their families and support networks.

The program is designed for people in the earlier stages of their Dementia diagnosis to enhance the person’s wellbeing and quality of life. The program is aimed to support both the person living with Dementia and their carers via close input from an ECH Occupational Therapist and Nurse.

This exciting and supportive program gives people living with Dementia and their family practical strategies to live at home and assist with adapting to changes in functional ability and behaviour.

ECH staff are passionate about supporting people living with Dementia to stay in their own homes and supporting carers and family members to enjoy time with their loved ones.

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How can we help

ECH can provide a range of services to help people living with Dementia continue to live independently at home including:

Home Services – Assistance with personal care, transport and medication management as well as help around the home with domestic tasks.

Allied Health Services – Support and personalised plans to help achieve health and wellbeing goals.

Carer Respite – At-home and site-based respite services to enable carers to confidently take a break.

Extra services ECH can offer you

Music Therapy

Music therapy can assist with changes in behaviour and maintaining cognitive function for as long as possible. Our Registered Music Therapist works with clients, their families and support networks to maintain meaningful connections and a sense of identity.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps clients stay independent. This can include modifying the home environment to make moving around easier as well as finding strategies to make daily tasks simpler such as dressing and meal preparation.

Social Day Programs

Our Social Day Programs are specifically designed to cater for people living with Dementia or experiencing memory loss. We work closely with clients to understand what they enjoy and offer a range of engaging activities. This enables carers to confidently take a break knowing their loved ones are being well cared for.

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