Taking a break from your caring role is important for your physical and mental wellbeing and allows you to re-energise.

ECH offers a range of at-home and site-based respite services that enable you to confidently take a break for a few hours or even a few days thanks to the ECH Short Stay Respite Centre.

Carer Support

Caring for a family member or friend is a rewarding role however it can leave you with little time to look after your own wellbeing. ECH offers a range of wellness classes and services that can enable you to take some time out for yourself. ECH Wellness Centres offer exercise classes where you can maintain or improve your fitness while socialising with others. Or if you prefer to exercise alone, you can use the gyms located at the Wellness Centre. Or if you would like some time to relax and unwind, ECH offers Tai Chi programs, music meditation and remedial massage. Professional allied health therapists, including Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Dieticians, are also available to provide advice about looking after yourself and the person you care for. What other services does ECH provide to support carers? ECH offers respite through Day Programs located at Smithfield, Walkerville, Happy Valley, Henley Beach and Victor Harbor. These programs enable the person you care for to engage in a social, homelike environment or go on an outing with all the support that is needed while you perhaps go to an exercise class or spend some time with friends. If you need a longer break to go out for an evening or perhaps take a holiday, the ECH Short Stay Respite Centre at Henley Beach could be a good option for you. The centre has been custom designed to meet the needs of people living with dementia or cognitive decline. Or if you prefer,…

Day Programs

If you are caring for someone experiencing dementia or memory loss, ECH Day Programs offer the opportunity to take a well-earned break.

Home Services

If you provide care for someone either in their home or your own, you might find you have less time for household chores and home and garden maintenance.

Short Stay Respite Centre

Caring for someone living with dementia or memory loss can leave you little time to care for yourself so it is important to take a break to re-energise. The ECH Short Stay Respite Centre at Henley Beach can help you do this by providing a safe and comfortable environment for the person you care for. Guests can stay for one night, a few days or a few weeks depending on your needs. The centre has been custom designed to meet the needs of people living with dementia or cognitive decline by combining professional care, modern accommodation and recreational activities. It features nine rooms with private ensuite, wall-mounted television, state-of-the-art security and contemporary furnishings. Guests can enjoy time alone or interact with others in the welcoming living area and adjoining Day Program, which offers a range of activities. You can feel comfortable knowing that attentive staff are on hand 24 hours to provide the same high level of care that you do at home. What is included? With all meals, refreshments and linen provided, guests only need to bring their own clothes, toiletries and any personal affects they would like with them. If you would like to stay with the person you care for during their first night at the centre to make sure you both feel comfortable, then please contact ECH to find out more about the options available. Guests are usually aged 65 years and over, however younger people are also welcome. The ECH Short Stay Respite Centre…


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