Term 2
Wednesdays 10am
8 May – 26 June
Unley Oval
Trimmer Terrace, Unley


Term 3 
Wednesdays 10am 31 July – 4 September

Term 4
Wednesdays 10am 23 October – 27 November

Venue location and registration for each term will made available closer to the date.

Whether you love footy or are just looking for a fun way to stay active, Walking Footy might be the ideal activity for you. Brought to you by SANFL and ECH, Walking Footy is a fun, modified Australian Rules Football program created for people aged 50 or over.

Played in small teams on a field the size of a basketball court, Walking Footy is a fun, inclusive and safe game with no running, tackling or bumping involved.

It’s is a great way to meet new people and incorporate exercise in your life in a social and fun way.

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Is Walking Footy right for you?

SANFL and ECH Walking Footy is an inclusive game and much less physically demanding than traditional footy. It involves no tackling and is played on a smaller field, allowing people with varying fitness levels to participate.

So whether you are a budding SANFL champion or you’ve never watched a match, the game provides everyone aged 50 or over an opportunity to get involved at any level.

Walking Footy Rules

  • 6 v 6 mixed teams
  • No tackling or bumping
  • Field size 15m x 30m
  • Field split into zones – forward, midfield and back
    Midfield plays in all zones, forwards and backs restricted to respective zone and midfield
  • Only forwards can score
    Goal can only be scored by kicking. Goals can only be scored inside the forward zone
  • Ball must be touched in each zone
  • Kick, handball or throw
  • Tag for holding the ball
    Tag by touching the players back and yelling “tag”. Player has three seconds to dispose of ball after tag
  • Turnover last touch out of bounds
  • Centre ball up
    Midfield ruck contest to begin each quarter and after each score
  • Eight-minute quarters
    Two-minute quarter and four-minute half-time breaks
  • Watch this short video to see the rules in action

Want to watch a game of Walking Footy? Come along to any game and see how it’s played!