Over two school terms, a group of students from Mitcham Primary designed and created video games based on real-world settings with a group of ECH clients in mind.

The students then introduced ECH volunteers and participants at the Cumberland Park Community Centre – known fondly as The Cumby Crew – to their digital creations.

20230816 A7S3 7108 15333402 minAugmented Reality games are based in real-world settings which users can control. The games the students designed involved getting people to use parts of their bodies to move characters on the screen.

Mitcham Primary School principal Scott Greenshields says the Years 5 & 6 students gained valuable learnings from the experience of designing activities with a much-older end-user in mind.

“The benefit for our students is engaging with senior people to showcase their projects and to give feedback that will allow them to look at their programs and adjust them accordingly,” Mr Greenshields says.

Cumby Crew participant Marie says she has learned so much in her journey with technology.

“Today was absolutely fantastic. Five years ago, I couldn’t turn a computer on, but now I can do a lot more on it. For older people, I think they should get more involved, and it will encourage them.”

20230816 A7S3 7083 15281802 minECH Chief Executive Claire Scapinello says collaborations such as this between Mitcham Primary and the Cumberland Park Community Centre created meaningful community connections which were essential to overall health and wellbeing.

“Each week, the ECH Community Connections Team ensures bonds are built and friendships are formed to encourage participants to try new activities such as craft, macramé, art, sewing, cooking, gardening, or even music and dance,” Ms Scapinello says.

“This collaboration between young minds and seasoned individuals saw the invaluable exchange of knowledge and experience.

While the primary school students have been able to fine-tune their technological skills, the Cumby Crew have been presented with an exciting window into the future

says Claire.

This is not the only example of intergenerational activities occurring at ECH.

Our collaboration with ECHOES Montessori, integrating the childcare centre right at the heart of the ECH Encore Apartments complex at Modbury, provides our clients regular opportunities to play and interact with the centre’s young clients on a daily basis

Plus, a newly formed partnership with Green Leaves Bowden is making sure our clients build relationships and look forward to connecting socially.

Would you like to be part of The Cumby Crew? Find out more about the Cumberland Park Community Centre.

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Posted: December 13, 2023