From sponsoring the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, to simply pulling weeds… ECH is a garden lover, and we are thrilled to support clients to get MORE out of theirs!

The ‘lucky plants’ or those plants that bring a ‘feng shui’ and happy vibe to a garden, or positivity into the home, include Lucky bamboo, Snake plants, Rubber plants, String of Hearts and Jade plants.

Jade leaves are round like coins, and are sometimes referred to as friendship plants, money plants, or silver dollar plants. Dean says to place a Jade near the front door so that when you walk past, you can think of the money flowing into the house.

Under the right conditions, some Jades can be expected to live up to 100 years. In their native region, Jades thrive in dry, sunny areas and so don’t enjoy being overwatered. Their propagation is easy via stem or leaf cuttings, which when pushed into the soil, will root within a couple of weeks. They are a common houseplant worldwide.


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Botanical name: Crassula ovata

Sun exposure: indirect sun outside to full sun indoors

Soil requirements: well-draining, acidic succulent soil


ECH Social and Therapeutic Horticulturist

Born with a green thumb and a lifelong fondness for gardening, ECH Social and Therapeutic Horticulturist Dean was destined to become a horticulturist. He works to assist clients and residents with their gardening and outdoor needs while incorporating the therapeutic benefits.

ECH Social and Therapeutic Horticulturalist Dean Gaston min

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Posted: March 14, 2024