South Australians have long been recognised for their forward-thinking spirit, consistently making significant contributions to the Australian innovation landscape.

From iconic inventions such as the “Hills Hoist” and the Stobie Pole, to ground breaking initiatives like the world’s firstall-plastic toilet cistern, our state has consistently punched above its weight in fostering creativity and ingenuity.

One initiative close to our heart is from war veteran Garnet E Rundle, who in 1964 identified the need for affordable retirement housing, laying the foundation for what would become the Elderly Citizens Homes of SA (ECH).

ECH, born out of a desire to enable people to live their best lives as they age, has evolved to become a cornerstone of support for older South Australians.

In 2024, ECH celebrates our 60th anniversary, marking six decades of innovation, and an ongoing commitment to supporting South Australians in living independently and confidently at home.

At 60 years of age – we’re excited and thrilled to be part of the solution for “60 MORE”.

ECH remains dedicated to developing homes and villages, designing services, and supporting South Australians in living independently and confidently at home. With over 15,000 South Australians benefiting from this original concept within ECH alone, it is evident that Mr. Rundle’s vision from 1964, has stood the test of time.

Looking ahead to the next 60 years, we are excited and thrilled to continue our role in the solution for “60 MORE” years of inspired thinking. As we ponder the possibilities, it’s incredible to consider the progress we’ve made since Mr. Rundle’s initial idea. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating a future where South Australians can thrive – no matter what stage of life they find themselves.

Join us in celebrating 60 MORE years of innovation, progress, and community building. Let’s see where we go for 60 MORE to 2084.

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Posted: March 15, 2024