Diversity Statement

‘ECH is highly committed to being inclusive of clients and staff with differing backgrounds. ECH is constantly tailoring its services to reach diverse social groups, such as culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people living with a disability. ECH both celebrates and embraces diversity. ECH is also non-faith based and welcomes people from all religious backgrounds.’

‘Connecting the Community’ – Artwork by Indigenous Artist Sam Gollan


Rainbow Tick

ECH was the first South Australian aged care provider to receive Rainbow Tick Accreditation, recognising the not-for-profit organisation’s commitment to celebrating diversity and providing services for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Rainbow Tick Accreditation is given to organisations that meet six national standards of inclusive practice and service delivery for LGBTIQ+ clients.

The accreditation demonstrates to current and future ECH clients, as well as ECH employees, the commitment ECH makes to being a safe and inclusive space. It also recognises that ECH is at the forefront of the aged care industry in terms of celebrating and embracing diversity.

ECH offers a range of tailored services for the LGBTIQ+ community, including the LGBTI Connect service and the Rainbow Social Connections program, and undertakes culturally sensitive staff training.

Partnering with Purple Orange

Purple Orange R2E Partner Stamp FINAL

ECH is committed to providing an inclusive workplace for people living with a disability.

Being inclusive means we support all employees and make adjustments in the workplace where needed, so everyone has the opportunity to grow and be successful in their role. We also support the direct employment of people living with a disability because societal barriers and attitudes can make it harder for people living with a disability to get and keep a job.

Through partnering with the Purple Orange, Road to Employment (R2E) program we are committed to creating trainee positions for people living with a disability. Trainees have the opportunity to build a career and make a valuable contribution to our organisation.

Reconciliation Action Plan – Reflect

ECH is proud to be an inclusive organisation and is committed to the continued reconciliation, capacity building and support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. In 2020, a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – Reflect was developed to guide the work ECH is undertaking with the many Aboriginal communities the organisation works with. To access the RAP – Reflect, please click here.

In further support of our commitment to continued reconciliation, we have recently launched the second stage of our RAP – Innovate. The RAP- Innovate outlines our actions and the work which goes towards achieving our unique vision for reconciliation. To access the RAP – Innovate, please click here.

How can I access more information?

Here you will find information related to support for diverse communities, with a particular focus on people from CALD, LGBTI and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Diversity Resource Directory

This directory provides a library of useful websites where you may find further information on diversity.

Social Events and Programs

Find social events and programs that might be of interest to you.

To learn more about ECH services that support CALD, LGBTIQ+ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, call ECH on 1300 275 324.