As you age, your needs can change over time and getting the right advice and services is critical to enable you to remain living independently and confidently at home.

ECH Essential Care™ offers a level of expertise, a simple pricing structure and easy-to-understand contracts that set it apart from other providers.

There are four levels of Essential Care™, offering flexibility and easy transition to a higher level of care if your circumstances change so you can feel confident about your care management.

As an ECH Essential Care™ client, you will enjoy:

• Affordable prices – what you see is what you pay.
• No entry or exit fees.
• No hidden fees.
• Extended service hours from 7am until 8pm Monday to Friday (including Public Holidays).
• No separate administration fees (these are included in the prices shown).
• A dedicated Relationship Manager to support your care management.
• Services delivered across metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

How do I set up ECH Essential Care™?

Whether you receive services from ECH or a combination of providers, effective service planning is essential to living the best possible life as you age.

Upon choosing ECH for your support, you will be partnered with a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be your main point of contact. They will work alongside you, and anyone else you wish to be involved, to identify, plan and achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

ECH Relationship Managers have extensive knowledge of the aged care sector and can help you navigate through the often complex and confusing aged care system so you can make informed decisions no matter what your circumstances.

If you are an ECH Essential Care™ client and your circumstances change, simply notify your Relationship Manager who can arrange for you to be transitioned to a higher level of care immediately and any urgent services you may need. You will be covered by the higher level of benefits immediately yet the increase will not be applied until the beginning of the next full month or equivalent annual amount.

Essential Care™ – Level 1

If you want minimal support and prefer to self-manage most of your services, then ECH Essential Care™ Level 1 may be perfect for you.

You may currently receive or manage care for yourself or someone else and find that it takes you more and more time to co-ordinate services. Or you may be with another provider and not fully satisfied with the level of support you are receiving.

ECH Essential Care™ Level 1 provides you with the peace of mind that an expert in aged care is on hand to help you make the most of your Home Care Package or the funds that you have dedicated to your care needs.

With this level, you will receive:
• Initial consultation with your Relationship Manager – to get to know each other and understand your goals.
• Service Plan and Client Account Set-up – to enable your service to commence seamlessly.
• Annual Service Plan Review – to ensure your plan reflects any changes to your goals, needs or circumstances.
• Monthly Statement Review – to ensure you are only paying for services you have received.

Then you simply pay for additional advice and assistance from your Relationship Manager, which is charged at $15 per 10-minute increment.

Essential Care™ – Level 2

All the benefits of ECH Essential Care™ Level 1 plus:
• Assistance during the year should you experience an accident, illness or planned medical procedure, or if your circumstances change.
• Additional assistance getting home from hospital or extra services at home to speed-up your recovery or reconnect you to the activities you enjoy.

Essential Care™ – Level 3

All the benefits of ECH Essential Care™ Level 2 plus:
• Additional assistance if you are experiencing frequent changes to your health, lifestyle or even availability of family and other important people may be occurring for you.
• Your circumstances will be regularly discussed and reflected in your Service Plan, with your Relationship Manager co-ordinating nursing, care staff or other health professionals such as physiotherapists, speech pathologists, podiatrists, occupational therapists or exercise physiologists on your behalf.

Essential Care™ – Level 4

All the benefits of ECH Essential Care™ Level 3 plus:
• Comprehensive care co-ordination to carefully monitor and manage your complex health care service needs through the right mix of physical activity, social connection and support in and with your home.

Level 1

Every 12 Months

Level 2

Every 6 Months

Level 3

Every 4 Months

Level 4

Every 3 Months

Terms and Conditions
*All ECH Essential Care™ Levels charged as an annual fee on 1 July 2019 or pro rata upon commencement of ECH services for part year of, charged to your Home Care Package or invoiced for those wishing to self-fund. Monthly billing is available to non-Home Care Package clients not wishing to pay an annual fee however, will result in an overall higher annual rate;
ECH Essential Care™ Level 1 – $90 x 12 = $1,080 ECH Essential Care™ Level 2 – $245 x 12 = $2,940,
ECH Essential Care™ Level 3 – $530 x 12 = $6,360 and ECH Essential Care™ Level 4 – $710 x 12 = $8,520.
Additional advice and assistance from your Relationship Manager charged at $15 per 12-minute increment. ECH Essential Care™ annual fee based on a full 12-month arrangement. Should you wish to cease receiving your HCP and/or ECH Essential Care™ from ECH you may do so at any time. Upon receipt of your formal request, ECH will reimburse any unused portion of the annual fee to your Home Care Package or bank account. Transitioning to a higher level of ECH Essential Care™ is easy. Should your HCP Level increase, or you simply wish to pay for additional support on an ongoing basis, you can arrange
for this to occur immediately and not incur the increase until the beginning of the next full month, or equivalent annual amount.

Contact ECH today to learn more about Essential Care™ and how it can assist you to remain living independently and confidently in your own home. Learn more about why thousands of South Australians trust ECH to provide home services here.