October 20, 2023

In celebration of our partnership with Lateral Vision

For the past two years, ECH has worked on an innovative partnership with Lateral Vision and the University of South Australia, to develop virtual environments using 360-video conferencing technology. It’s been an exciting and insightful collaboration to enable people who cannot participate in social or community experiences in person to experience these events in a full interactive mode. ECH Head of Customer Experience Carolyn Dawkins said the experience saw many lessons learned and relationships built. “This partnership has allowed us to build on the current knowledge and adapt the technology to meet the needs of older people,” Ms Dawkins said. “It has been a pleasure to have worked closely with Lateral Vision and the University of South Australia as we reflect on the achievements and challenges we’ve experienced together.” This, along with other ground-breaking projects, will be discussed at the Aged Care Innovation Exchange on November 13 at Stone & Chalk Startup Hub at Lot Fourteen, where like-minded professionals, thought leaders, and pioneers as we delve into the forefront of advancements (and challenges) in aged care. Links: Event Registration Lateral Vision Website University of South Australia Aged Care Innovation Exchange Humanitix Event Poster…