Our Commitment To Innovation

Innovative thinking and assisting clients to live independently at home with confidence is at the heart of ECH.

We’re highly committed to finding and offering technologies and solutions that make our clients and residents’ lives easier. We want our clients to stay in control and connected to ECH and we aim to provide a choice in how they access their personal information.

As part of this journey, we have established the ECH Technology Reference Group (TRG), which encourages clients to use their voice and assist ECH in providing the best services possible for them.

The TRG was established by those who have a passion for technology and consists of clients, residents and family members who use various ECH services. They meet every two months to discuss current and upcoming projects as well provide feedback on a range of themes and topics.

If you are interested in joining the ECH Technology Reference Group, please email to express your interest.

Goldilocks Smart Clothing Research Project

Together with Goldilocks and The University of Adelaide, and funded by the Government of South Australia, we are developing a smart garment that will support older people to age well in their own home.

The innovative, non-invasive and super comfortable ‘smart’ clothing uses cutting-edge technology and microsensors that measure skin temperature, breathing and location to build a personalised view of an individual’s habits. This provides reassurance that daily routines are being undertaken, providing peace of mind for our clients and their support networks.

The data is transmitted to the client’s smart phone through a small, secure low energy Bluetooth module, and is accessible through a simple app, which will highlight when support is required.

Partnering to empower people to remain living independently at home


To find out more about our technology initiatives or if you would like to express your interest in joining our Technology Reference Group, call 1300 275 324.