Greek or Italian Speaking Volunteers

We have a number of clients of Italian and Greek culture who attend ECH Walkerville Day Program who would benefit from interacting with volunteers who also speak Italian or Greek.

The ECH Day Program at Walkerville is designed to support people with varying degrees of memory loss to engage in social activities.

Visits can be spent doing something both you and the client enjoys whether that be reading, listening to music, chatting, gardening, art, craft or board games.

If you or someone you might know have as little as half an hour a week to volunteer their time to engage these clients in social activities, while supporting the staff to learn more about the Italian culture and community to enhance the experience for the clients attending.

No special skills are needed just the ability to brighten someone’s day with a conversation.

For more information about this position and where are community spaces are located please call 1300 275 324 or email the ECH Volunteer Coordinator via

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