RUOK? Today is the National Day of Action which reminds us that every day is the day to ask, ‘are you OK?’, and start a meaningful conversation whenever you spot the signs that someone YOU care about might be struggling with life.


On this day, let’s acknowledge the many benefits that exercise brings to supporting your well-being and reducing stress.

Let’s consider walking footy as one idea which can help you connect with new people and have those conversations. It’s perfectly okay if you’re not already a budding Matilda’s soccer star or basketball enthusiast. There exists a variety of exercise groups and “social” sports leagues that prioritise social interaction over intense competition.

The SANFL & ECH Walking Footy game, is a modified version of Australian Rules Football that prioritises enjoyment, safety, and inclusivity. This could be the perfect activity for you to take part in or simply attend from the sidelines, offering both a chance to play and a chance to socialise!

Claire, ECH CE says, “While it remains valuable for our staff to grasp the advantages of the game, comprehending the social benefits of encouraging our clients to engage in a casual ball-kicking session holds equal importance.”


Matt, ECH Head of People and Culture, says, “We want everyone who works at ECH to feel they can talk about life’s ups and downs and access support if they need it.”

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James, ECH’s Safety and Wellbeing Manager, People & Culture, says, “I really encourage everybody to ask the question regularly and often, not just on the day. It’s a really important way to make sure that the people around you are feeling supported and engaged.”

Phil, ECH Resident says, “If you live on your own, your motivation sometimes falls away. If you’ve got something planned to do every week, and you don’t realise you’re exercising, it’s good exercise.”




Posted: September 14, 2023