Having a little patch of earth to call his own has always been the key to happiness for ECH resident David.

No matter where he has lived – from a Stirling house with an expansive garden, to a courtyard home in Frewville, and now at ECH Clutterbuck Lodge, in Lockleys, with “a little patch” – David has maintained his avid interest in gardening since his early 20s.

“I’ve always had a range of vegetables, and I’m a keen fan of European and North Asian plants, camellias and hydrangeas,” David says.

“When I lived in Stirling, I had more than 70 azalea plants. They like acidic soil, so the soil in Stirling was perfect for them.

“Now at Clutterbuck Lodge, I have a little patch; it’s small but manageable and I have that all to myself. I have a mixture of plants such as annuals, three different groundcovers that flower and new miniature Bougainvilleas climbing on the brush fence, and I plan to experiment with baby tomatoes.”

David’s love for gardening has extended beyond his little patch in Lockleys to the Henley Beach Community Garden, which he stumbled across in an edition of Keep Connected. The Community Garden is located at the front of ECH Day Program Henley Beach, 1/11 Laidlaw St, Henley Beach.

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ECH Clutterbuck Lodge resident David at the Henley Beach Community Garden

“I’m learning so much from the team who tend to the garden; I pick up all kinds of information,” David says.

The community garden is only a short bus trip for David, who visits the garden fortnightly to help out with weeding, planting, watering and fertilising.

“There are mostly vegetables; it’s all about producing food and nothing ever goes to waste,” he says.

“I really enjoy my time at the community garden – I’m helping to create something that other people can use, like the vegetables, and I’m meeting new people; it’s the social aspect as well. It’s about keeping connected” says David.

David has made many connections with the Community Garden group, sharing a birthday cake with them after he turned 80 in May.

David celebrating is 80th IMG 20230607 112314 1

David celebrating is 80th

David can enjoy what he loves doing most because of the low maintenance lifestyle he has at Clutterbuck Lodge, plus it’s a friendly neighbourhood close to public transport, which enables him to maintain his independence.

“I really enjoy living in Clutterbuck. It’s not a big village, only 25 to 26 units, it’s well situated; I’m at the back where there is no noise and there is a bus stop at the front, it’s very handy,” he says.

“I can still maintain my independence, it’s low maintenance and it’s great that everything is taken care of. The ECH maintenance team are there if I need them to fix anything.”

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Posted: September 15, 2023