As our winter turns to spring, the desire to embrace the outdoors grows, but so do our pollen allergies! There are ways to stay active and exercise without exposing yourself to pollen.

ECH Exercise Physiologist Bridget highlights some of her simple indoor exercises that allow you to make the most of the season while avoiding pollen discomfort. So, shed those winter coats and get moving inside for a pollen-free spring experience. The following exercises are all designed for you to do in your own home and will help you stay fit and healthy.

Remember, incorporating movement into your daily routine doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming! If you start your day with a simple routine well before daily plans get in the way, you are sure to get more out of life from the healthy benefits.

Prepare your environment 
Before you dive into exercises, start by making sure your indoor environment is suitable. It’s a good idea to clear some space in where
you can comfortably move around.

A big stretch 
Kickstart your mornings with a gentle stretching routine. Stretching helps improve flexibility, releases muscle tension, and enhances blood circulation.

Move with simple exercises

  1. Sit to stand from a dining chair or seated recliner
    sit to standing exercise
  2. Side stepping at kitchen bench
  3. High knee marching at kitchen bench
  4. Shoulder rolls
    shoulder rolls exercise


ECH Exercise Physiologist, Bridget graduated from Flinders University in 2019 with a specialisation in Sports Science. She enjoys seeing her clients reach their goals and become independent and confident in their exercise.

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Posted: September 15, 2023