Heatwaves can be a difficult time, especially when the heat never seems to end. If we look back, Australia’s Indigenous peoples developed a deep connection with ‘Country’ – the land, sea, sky, rivers, sites, seasons, plants, and animals that surrounded them; Australia demanded it. With South Australian summers getting hotter with an increase in record hot days, we encourage you to:


Firstly, if you ever need additional support from ECH, please ask. During the summer season you could also form a friendship or support network you can rely on and check in on each other, friends, or family as part of your daily routine.

Red Cross South Australia has Telecross Redi Service (1800 188 071) and helps people cope during extreme weather events.


You may consider that your mobility may not be what it once was and while your house can be the best defence against heat, you could head to places that have cooling systems, such as a shopping centre, the cinema, a community centre or a friend or family’s house.

Mild heat-related issues can be dealt with at home and with friends, however heatstroke is considered an emergency and you should contact your GP, hospital or ambulance service immediately. If you are unable to access your usual GP call Healthdirect 24 hours a day seven days a week (1800 022 222) to speak to a health professional.


If you need to evacuate on extreme days, it’s good to be ready with the important items that you will need to pack, including items such as:

  1. Glasses, hearing aids and medical equipment
  2. Medication and spare prescriptions
  3. Your mobile phone and charger

For further information regarding bushfire safety, phone the CFS Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361 or visit

Posted: September 15, 2023