Wherever Ngaire goes, her cuddly and fashionable cavoodle Bella goes too. And the four-legged bundle of fur has brought loads of joy and melted hearts since she first started accompanying Ngaire to work 18 months ago, becoming a regular – and welcome – sight ever since.

Ngaire is the ECH Rental Property Officer managing our rental unit portfolio and she says when she is out at inspections and client interviews, Bella tags along in her latest outfit – anything from puffer jackets, overalls and t-shirts.


ECH Rental Property Officer Ngaire Merritt and Bella HiResECH9AUG23 88 1 min

ECH Rental Property Officer Ngaire

“People love to see the different outfits she wears everyday – it’s a topic of conversation,” Ngaire laughs.

“Bella likes to be around people, but it needs to be on her terms, but with clients, she senses they need a cuddle and that people need a bit of love – they get so much from her.

“Even if someone in the office is having a challenging day, they make a beeline for Bella, give her a cuddle and a bit of a play and they feel calmer. Bella brings people together.”

Ngaire, who has been with ECH for 31 years, says she is grateful her workplace has been welcoming of her seven-year-old “baby”.

“I appreciate the fact that I can bring her to work, it means the world to me. She’s a good little dog who brings joy and those around just love her,” Ngaire says.

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ECH resident Barbara and Bella 20221125 114956 1 min

ECH resident Barbara and Bella

ECH resident Ray and Bella 20221125 114820 min 1

ECH resident Ray and Bella 


Posted: September 15, 2023