With all three of Australia’s largest telcos set to close their 3G networks over the next nine months, ECH encourages clients to take note – especially if you are on the Vodaphone network (closed 15 Dec).

In the lead up to the bushfire season, we deem this high risk (on your behalf).

It is also an opportunity over Christmas, to consider Boxing Day sales and pick up a new phone bargain to ensure you always remain safe.


Some devices, including older mobile phones and medical devices, still rely on the 20-year-old network and telcos have warned that people with 3G mobile devices will not be able to call Triple-0 after networks cease to operate. An easy way to check, is to see if it says “3G” “4G” or “5G” on your mobile phone screen.

The following image depicts a 5G network setting:
Mobile 3G Network Closure

Mobile 3G Network Closure

We encourage you to check your network and if it is 3G you may want to consider an upgrade at this time.

When is each telco shutting down 3G?

Vodafone shut down its 3G services on Friday, December 15

Telstra will shut down its 3G network on June 30, 2024

Optus will switch off its 3G network in September 2024


Posted: December 18, 2023