Meet Jan, a woman whose life story is a testament to the transformative power of experiences. Hailing from London, Jan’s journey led her through early adulthood in Munich, followed by extensive travels across Australia, residing in Melbourne, Brisbane, and her current home in Adelaide.

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Jan embraced a healthy lifestyle rooted in vegetarianism, yoga, Pilates, gardening, community, and meditation. Despite her commitment to well-being, Jan faced an unexpected challenge—a severe stroke that left her with physical and visual impairments, along with Aphasia.

Undeterred, Jan’s vivacity remains evident as she shares stories of her family, life, and past involvement in the Red Hat Society, an organisation encouraging women to maximise life’s experiences. Following Jan’s stroke, she began participating in ECH art classes and uncovered a surprising revelation: she possesses equal artistic talent with her left hand as she once did with her right. Jan regularly displays unwavering determination, with each artwork taking up to six weeks to complete.

Jan and her partner Andrew, with a decades spanning relationship filled with happy memories, face the future with optimism. Together, they embrace the insights gained from adapting to life’s challenges.

Navigating Jan’s health journey, Andrew expresses gratitude for the support offered by ECH, discovering a new world of remarkable people and valuable life lessons.

Originally drawn to Jan’s paintings, our interview revealed that the canvas reflects more than art – it mirrors Jan’s indomitable spirit. Jan emerges not confined by her current stage but as a woman radiating joy, resilience, and grace amidst life’s unexpected turns.

Is there anything ECH does that gives you MORE of something?

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“ECH has helped us tremendously. Their positioning of helping people live better lives in their own homes is the perfect match for the difficult position we found ourselves in, and the list of services and therapies that Jan receives is a testament to that. Services such as care-work, speech therapy at home, gardening, cleaning, physio, podiatry and more either supplied by ECH or outsourced by them. All these services take the pressure off and allow us the freedom to get on with the everyday aspects of living” says Andrew, Jan’s partner.

Discover how ECH can help you stay independent at home and get MORE out of life.

Posted: March 14, 2024