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Patricia’s captivating story; she’s a 103 centenarian who dances through life with the grace of independence and only a sprinkle of support. We spoke about her passion for the war on waste, listening to the traditional landowners, getting back to basics, reducing excess, buying to last and caring for each other. Drawing parallels with past plagues, she painted a vivid picture of a world rediscovering the profound need for human connection and care.

We simply learnt to be resourceful, and I carry this thinking through to my life today.

Patricia continues to read Science Illustrated and do her crosswords, however these days with the assistance of a screen magnifier. She reminisced with us about the days when things seemed to grow smaller around her. Not in thoughts, but in the munitions factory where she worked, as parts dwindled in size, leaving a lasting impact on her eyesight. Undeterred, she passionately urges her friends to persevere, to undergo cataract surgery, visit the podiatrist, and embrace mobility and social bonds.

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Patricia says; “I worry about the world’s excesses. In my earlier years, we had no bus or postal delivery service, we would walk or ride a bike on the road (as there were no footpaths). We simply learnt to be resourceful, and I carry this thinking through to my life today. My wardrobe is full of a colourful mixture of clothes, good quality that lasts. But everything is a see saw, and I’m glad that everyone is getting “back to basics”. Look at the Hills Hoist as an example. They stopped manufacturing as people were using dryers… now everyone is back using them (or an inside line version)!”

Nestled in her ECH village, surrounded by female friends over 90, Patricia relishes the camaraderie that comes with looking out for one another. Rejecting the notion of ‘too much help,’ she prefers the harmony of self-sufficiency, a choice steeped in the wisdom of her years.

Patricia’s advice, delivered with a twinkle in her eye, echoes through the ages: prioritise others, cherish the ordinary, and, surprisingly, opt for frozen vegetables! According to her, they capture the essence of freshness, snap-frozen at the farm, perhaps even surpassing their seemingly more glamorous fresh counterparts at the market.

Patricia’s words lingered with us – a story of resilience and the timeless beauty of getting

MORE out of life with resourcefulness.

Posted: March 15, 2024