I am thrilled to introduce you to your new look Keep Connected magazine. The magazine is now available in print and online. We hope you enjoy the new features, with stories and activities aligned with your health, wellness, lifestyle, hobbies, and community-building initiatives. Wherever you see the QR Code, know there is an associated video for you to watch.

All your regular topic experts are still with us and we wish to thank the teams for their wisdom. We’d also like to introduce a few new team members. Thank you to Sharon, who will share a wealth extensive knowledge in ICT from experience in the fields of education, aged care, and disability. Sharon is deeply passionate about harnessing the power of technology for the betterment of our community.

You will notice many of our client stories in this edition, use our MORE theme – residents contributing more, living for more, and getting more out of life.

As we continue to celebrate our 60th throughout the year, we will continue to acknowledge and thank those who have paved the way for us to be where we are today. As history explains, in 1964 Mr. Rundle, ECH’s founder, placed an advertisement in ‘The Advertiser’ seeking expressions of interest to form an organisation to assist older people. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating a future where South Australians can thrive – no matter what stage of life.

We’re proud to foster the intergenerational connections, creating a unique and enriching environment where the young and the elderly come together to learn, share, and grow. This holistic approach fosters a future-oriented, intentionally designed environment, putting us in good stead to realise another 60 years, but also sets the stage for continuous innovation and excellence in our practices along the way!

We would love to hear your stories about what you’re getting MORE of, or to hear how we’re helping you get MORE out of your life. Share with us at

Join us in celebrating 60 MORE years of innovation, progress, and community building.

Let’s see where we go for 60 MORE to 2084.

Claire Scapinello
ECH Chief Executive


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Posted: March 15, 2024