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At ECH we believe everyone is unique and everyone is different. It’s important that people are treated as individuals, which is why our staff actively listen to our clients to find out what they want to achieve and what brings them joy in life. This way we can ensure our care plans are personalised to the individual so that they can continue doing the things they love.

Here Mark Drinkwater, ECH Manager of Care Coordination explains how we work with our clients to make this happen.

Your Care Plan

At ECH we understand that ageing is a journey and over time your needs and goals may change which is why we regularly review your Care Plan and update it as required.

Your team will be in regular contact to ensure any changes to your needs are identified and the right supports can be put in place.

ECH can help with many services including domestic assistance, personal care and support, transport to and from appointments, nursing and medication management as well as physio, massage, podiatry and occupational therapy.

To read more about ECH Home Care Package Management and ECH services please click here.

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