Who loves surrounding themselves with flowers? It’s a joy when we receive flowers as a gift, however it can be even more rewarding when we have flowers in our own home or garden. Those delicate blooms have the power to uplift us and those around us.

The act of gifting flowers and plants goes beyond being a mere physical gesture; it holds the potential to offer emotional support and strengthen connections. Colourful blooms evoke positive emotions and lift our spirits and infuse joy and happiness into our living spaces*.

ECH Social and Therapeutic Horticulturist, Dean presents three compelling reasons why the presence of flowers brings about a sense of wellbeing. By incorporating flowers and plants into our lives, we can easily enhance our overall state of happiness and contentment.

1. Dopamine is triggered by an unexpected reward, such as a rare bloom, a gift of flowers.
2. Oxytocin creates a feeling of trust and group solidarity i.e. feeling friendship when receiving a lovely bunch of
3. Serotonin can stimulate a sense of pride in the vision before us of our own efforts by growing flowers.

The act of caring and receiving gifts can create a sense of belonging, reminding us that we are cherished and not forgotten. Nature’s beauty can be calming and tending to plants encourages a simple daily routine in your life.

Easy flowers to grow in pots
• Petunias
• Pansies
• Marigolds

Easy flowers to grown in the garden
• Zinnias
• Sweet Peas
• Geraniums

Our gardens crave positive care – just like us. Remember, the more you give your garden, the more you’ll get out of it. Dean says it’s important to maintain your garden and carry on tending to your plants and vegie patches – not only for your garden’s sake but so you can share your blooms as a gift to others.

Born with a green thumb and a lifelong fondness for gardening, ECH Social and Therapeutic Horticulturist Dean was destined to become a horticulturist. He works to assist clients and residents with their gardening and outdoor needs while incorporating the therapeutic benefits.

ECH Social and Therapeutic Horticulturalist Dean Gaston min


If you enjoy spending time outside and want to meet new people, ECH has community gardens at the ECH Day Program Henley Beach and ECH Fairfield Lodge village. You can also support the garden at the Cumberland Park Community Centre.

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Posted: September 15, 2023