Small changes made to ECH client Michael’s house and circumstances have had the biggest, positive impact on his life.

A stairlift installed at his back door, grab rails on walls throughout his house, a shower mat to ensure he doesn’t slip, an electric adjustable bed and a recliner chair, are the safety and comfort features that have been added to his Goolwa unit.

ECH client Michael JER56269 1 min

ECH client Michael 

Then there are his two scooters – a standard size for his daily travel needs and a smaller one capable of fitting into a taxi when he wants to go further afield. Both keep him active in the community and enable him to attend appointments on his own.

Lastly, there’s the three days a week of domestic assistance, such as hanging out laundry or vacuuming floors, he receives from ECH. All combined ensure that Michael feels safe, secure and able to continue living independently.

“The modifications are very necessary, and I’m absolutely delighted to be able to be independent. I had this fear of being housebound, but I can get out and about,” Michael says.

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ECH Occupational Therapist Chelsea

And it’s all thanks to his ECH Occupational Therapist Chelsea, who has been the driving force especially in securing the modifications to his unit.

Chelsea first started working with Michael five years ago, and while her visits have been intermittent – only when he needs new equipment – she has seen the joy added to Michael’s life.

“Every time there is a new challenge with his health, Michael works with us to find a solution,” Chelsea says.

“He’s always researching things himself. Michael is not relying on us, he has a lot of input, especially with the stairlift, he did a lot of research.”

“Together we work on problem-solving to maintain his independence, and those challenges haven’t stopped him from doing what he loves” says Chelsea.

Chelsea says: “Whenever I’ve got a question, the ECH team are always there to help. It’s a good team effort. “I’m very happy within myself that I get to remain independent, and having that social aspect too is very important.”

ECH client Michael JER56306 2 min

ECH client Michael

Michael, who has been an avid photographer since the age of 14, enjoys visiting his monthly camera club meetings locally as well as using his scooter to ride between Goolwa and Middleton.

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Posted: September 15, 2023