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September 20, 2023

Your Spring into Summer Adventure

Are you ready to make this spring unforgettable? Get ready learn new skills and create meaningful social connections over 8 weeks, with our exclusive Spring adventure!   Whether you love art, singing, craft, writing, trivia, gardening or just keen to learn a new skill, our small group Get Connected programs offer something for everyone.  Best of all, it’s not just a series of events – it’s a journey to rediscover the joy in every moment and celebrate the beauty of active ageing. We believe that life gets even more vibrant as we age, and this Spring, we’re bringing you a line-up of unforgettable activities that will make you feel more alive than ever!  All resources are supplied for the activities, so all you need to do is book yourself in..… Workshops are facilitated by experienced ECH staff. Each program is designed to be attended over the 8 weeks: from 16 October to 15 December. Subsidised government funding is available for anyone 65 years and over – ask us how!  For more information or to book, check our Spring to Summer Adventure program page:…

September 18, 2023


ADELAIDE AUTHOR PIP WILLIAMS IN CONVERSATION WITH TV LEGEND JANE DOYLE ECH clients and staff gathered at Dymocks Rundle Mall on Monday 11 September for a special Book Club event hosted by retired Australian television presenter Jane Doyle, featuring acclaimed Adelaide author Pip Williams. Held in conjunction with the State Theatre Company of South Australia, the audience was privileged to hear Williams speak about her compelling novel The Dictionary of Lost Words, which is being adapted to stage by the Company, and will run from 22 September to 14 October. Set during the height of the women's suffrage movement and with the Great War looming, this novel reveals a lost narrative, hidden between the lines of a history written by men. Inspired by actual events, Williams delves into the archives of the Oxford English Dictionary to tell this highly original story. Pip Williams with Jane Doyle Merrin, Pip and Rosina A chat with Jane Pip’s talk The Dictionary of Lost Words Buying the book!…

September 15, 2023

Preparedness for Summer’s Heat Becomes Top of Mind at this Time of Year

ARE YOU READY? Heatwaves can be a difficult time, especially when the heat never seems to end. If we look back, Australia’s Indigenous peoples developed a deep connection with ‘Country’ – the land, sea, sky, rivers, sites, seasons, plants, and animals that surrounded them; Australia demanded it. With South Australian summers getting hotter with an increase in record hot days, we encourage you to: BE SUPPORTIVE Firstly, if you ever need additional support from ECH, please ask. During the summer season you could also form a friendship or support network you can rely on and check in on each other, friends, or family as part of your daily routine. Red Cross South Australia has Telecross Redi Service (1800 188 071) and helps people cope during extreme weather events. BE AWARE You may consider that your mobility may not be what it once was and while your house can be the best defence against heat, you could head to places that have cooling systems, such as a shopping centre, the cinema, a community centre or a friend or family’s house. Mild heat-related issues can be dealt with at home and with friends, however heatstroke is considered an emergency and you should contact your GP, hospital or ambulance service immediately. If you are unable to access your usual GP call Healthdirect 24 hours a day seven days a week (1800 022 222) to speak to a health professional. BE READY If you need to evacuate on extreme days, it’s good to be…

September 15, 2023

Bella Makes Friends Fur-ever

Wherever Ngaire goes, her cuddly and fashionable cavoodle Bella goes too. And the four-legged bundle of fur has brought loads of joy and melted hearts since she first started accompanying Ngaire to work 18 months ago, becoming a regular – and welcome – sight ever since. Ngaire is the ECH Rental Property Officer managing our rental unit portfolio and she says when she is out at inspections and client interviews, Bella tags along in her latest outfit – anything from puffer jackets, overalls and t-shirts.   ECH Rental Property Officer Ngaire “People love to see the different outfits she wears everyday – it’s a topic of conversation,” Ngaire laughs. “Bella likes to be around people, but it needs to be on her terms, but with clients, she senses they need a cuddle and that people need a bit of love – they get so much from her. “Even if someone in the office is having a challenging day, they make a beeline for Bella, give her a cuddle and a bit of a play and they feel calmer. Bella brings people together.” Ngaire, who has been with ECH for 31 years, says she is grateful her workplace has been welcoming of her seven-year-old “baby”. “I appreciate the fact that I can bring her to work, it means the world to me. She’s a good little dog who brings joy and those around just love her,” Ngaire says. If you would like to learn more about ECH Independent Retirement…

September 15, 2023

A Lift from Colourful Blooms

Who loves surrounding themselves with flowers? It’s a joy when we receive flowers as a gift, however it can be even more rewarding when we have flowers in our own home or garden. Those delicate blooms have the power to uplift us and those around us. The act of gifting flowers and plants goes beyond being a mere physical gesture; it holds the potential to offer emotional support and strengthen connections. Colourful blooms evoke positive emotions and lift our spirits and infuse joy and happiness into our living spaces*. ECH Social and Therapeutic Horticulturist, Dean presents three compelling reasons why the presence of flowers brings about a sense of wellbeing. By incorporating flowers and plants into our lives, we can easily enhance our overall state of happiness and contentment. 1. Dopamine is triggered by an unexpected reward, such as a rare bloom, a gift of flowers. 2. Oxytocin creates a feeling of trust and group solidarity i.e. feeling friendship when receiving a lovely bunch of flowers. 3. Serotonin can stimulate a sense of pride in the vision before us of our own efforts by growing flowers. The act of caring and receiving gifts can create a sense of belonging, reminding us that we are cherished and not forgotten. Nature’s beauty can be calming and tending to plants encourages a simple daily routine in your life. Easy flowers to grow in pots • Petunias • Pansies • Marigolds Easy flowers to grown in the garden…

September 15, 2023

Spring into your Step-ups

As our winter turns to spring, the desire to embrace the outdoors grows, but so do our pollen allergies! There are ways to stay active and exercise without exposing yourself to pollen. ECH Exercise Physiologist Bridget highlights some of her simple indoor exercises that allow you to make the most of the season while avoiding pollen discomfort. So, shed those winter coats and get moving inside for a pollen-free spring experience. The following exercises are all designed for you to do in your own home and will help you stay fit and healthy. Remember, incorporating movement into your daily routine doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming! If you start your day with a simple routine well before daily plans get in the way, you are sure to get more out of life from the healthy benefits. Prepare your environment  Before you dive into exercises, start by making sure your indoor environment is suitable. It’s a good idea to clear some space in where you can comfortably move around. A big stretch  Kickstart your mornings with a gentle stretching routine. Stretching helps improve flexibility, releases muscle tension, and enhances blood circulation. Move with simple exercises Sit to stand from a dining chair or seated recliner Side stepping at kitchen bench High knee marching at kitchen bench Shoulder rolls MEET BRIDGET ECH Exercise Physiologist, Bridget graduated from Flinders University in 2019 with a specialisation in Sports Science. She enjoys seeing her clients reach their goals…

September 15, 2023

David’s Garden Patch Brings Joy

Having a little patch of earth to call his own has always been the key to happiness for ECH resident David. No matter where he has lived – from a Stirling house with an expansive garden, to a courtyard home in Frewville, and now at ECH Clutterbuck Lodge, in Lockleys, with “a little patch” – David has maintained his avid interest in gardening since his early 20s. “I’ve always had a range of vegetables, and I’m a keen fan of European and North Asian plants, camellias and hydrangeas,” David says. “When I lived in Stirling, I had more than 70 azalea plants. They like acidic soil, so the soil in Stirling was perfect for them. “Now at Clutterbuck Lodge, I have a little patch; it’s small but manageable and I have that all to myself. I have a mixture of plants such as annuals, three different groundcovers that flower and new miniature Bougainvilleas climbing on the brush fence, and I plan to experiment with baby tomatoes.” David’s love for gardening has extended beyond his little patch in Lockleys to the Henley Beach Community Garden, which he stumbled across in an edition of Keep Connected. The Community Garden is located at the front of ECH Day Program Henley Beach, 1/11 Laidlaw St, Henley Beach. ECH Clutterbuck Lodge resident David at the Henley Beach Community Garden “I’m learning so much from the team who tend to the garden; I pick up all kinds of information,” David says. The community garden…

September 15, 2023

Volunteering Rewards and Awards

Barbara and Jeannette’s contribution has seen them nominated and recognised by an Australian Government Volunteer Award. Here is their story: It is with their generosity of time and effort that ECH can deliver activities such as art, crafts, music, cooking and recreational pursuits such as indoor bowls. And it is as beneficial for the volunteers as it is for the recipients – they get just as much joy out of the experience. So say ECH volunteers Barbara and Jeannette. A few years after Barbara moved into her unit at ECH Lewis Court, in 2007, she wanted to give something back. “With ECH, I’m very grateful for being accepted into the village and I felt I wanted to do something for ECH because they have done so much for me” says Barbara. ECH Lewis Court resident and volunteer Barbara Barbara joined a program, where for two years she took clients out for a weekly coffee or walk at the beach, providing them with company and a friendly face. Four years ago, she became involved in the weekly activities at the Cumberland Park Community Centre – or life, and I think if you’re reasonably lucky in life, you should give back to the community. Being at The Cumby every week has become part of my routine, it feels like a family atmosphere,” she says. Just like Barbara, Jeannette feels a sense of purpose and community spirit when she volunteers for the Life Stories as it is affectionately known…

September 15, 2023

Constance reaches a 20 year milestone with ECH!

We celebrated Senior Care Coordinator Constance’s 20th anniversary in July – marking an incredible achievement. Keep Connected sat down with Constance to learn more about her two-decade career at ECH. Tell us about your career at ECH  In 2003, I started working at the Henley Beach Wellness Centre as a receptionist on a part-time basis. At the time, my youngest son was a toddler and now he works with ECH in our call centre, Member Connect. Over time, I increased my hours and took on occasional projects, helping our home services and day program teams. Then I moved to the role of Senior Administration Officer overseeing administration services across five wellness centres, before spending a year in Retirement Living selling ECH units. My next role was in the Member Connect team, in early 2017, where I progressed to a Member Connect lead role. Most recently, I moved to be a Home Care Packages Care Coordinator in 2021 and I am now a Senior Care Coordinator. What does your job entail as a Senior Care Coordinator?  I provide support to my manager and I have a team of five Care Coordinators who I oversee. Our role is to coordinate the services that meet each client’s needs and goals. I also provide induction for new Care Coordinators, including training, mentoring and coaching. I support the team in ensuring our clients are receiving the support they need to continue to live safely and as independently as they can in their own…